Are you tired of dealing with long-term contracts, troublesome tenants, regular maintenance, and management responsibilities? Owning a property that is underutilized or mismanaged can be a source of stress and extra work. If you have one or more vacant properties in the Genoa or Golfo Paradiso area and are considering entering the world of short-term rentals and vacation homes, but don’t want to completely give up control of your properties, we have a solution for you.


We understand your concerns about adapting your spaces to meet industry standards, promoting your property on specialized websites and networks, welcoming and taking care of guests, and keeping up with the constantly evolving regulations in this rapidly growing market. You may also prefer to work directly with trustworthy individuals rather than large management groups or remote online platforms.


Contact us for a no-obligation evaluation and let us introduce you to our specialized team with experience and a deep knowledge of the local area. We will help you maximize the value of your properties by meeting your specific needs and increasing their profitability. Together, we will take care of your property, properly positioning it in the expanding and diverse tourism market that Liguria and its territory offer to both national and international visitors!

For any information, please contact us.

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